Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hopefully extra credit...

In his spech on Afghanistan President Obama wants to clear that America is not an empire and dont want to be one.He further says they are not greedy for any other countries resources,they are not racist and they for sure dont belive in occupying any other nation.Their purpose is to make a world a safe place where everyone feels safe and secure to live.He believes that it is right of every American to feel safe and that will only possible when the countries like Afghanistan and Iraq have a democratic government and they are just helping them to build one strong and stable democratic govenment.For President Obama young generation is the future of the society and he wants them to live in hope and not in fear and that will only happen when these countries future generation "can live in freedom and access opportunity".He admits that this is indeed the time of crisis and he is hopeful that his policies will help the country to come out of crisis.

I think here he is also defending his act of sending 30,000 troops in Afghanistan beacuse before when he was running for Presidentship he was making this claim that he will going to pull troops out of Afghanistan with in 16 months once he becomes the President of America.And thats why he is justifying his act now.

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  1. Interesting reflections - one interesting thing about the speech is how his views on Iraq and Afganistan are used to explain and justify each other.