Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life And Debt

yeah to me the movie is an example of colonialism.The way american use their selfish interest to gain profit and to establish their own market in jamaica without thinking about the jamaicans business.The resources of jamaica are not as vast as Americans.They are mostly depend on farming and agricultural wheras Americans are using antibiotics and other kind of hormones to produce the quantity without quality.Their only aim is to make money.And because of this Jamaicans are suffering and they are running out of business. The result of all these the power goes to Americans and IMF's hands.Jamaicans are not much well equiped with tecnology and thus therefore facing problems.In one the scene from the movie they show that Jamaicans were throwing tons of litres of milk because of cheap powder milk available in the market.this hurt their economy badly.


  1. Good overview. Think more about how you'd compare this new form of colonialism to the older one. Do you think the Jamaican people have an alternative in how they respond to these policies?

  2. whether it is new or old i think America is using the same old strategy to bullying other countries and to make its position more and more powerful.sometimes when they cannot do it with force they just use their soft power on other countries of the world.if we look at the history, there relationship with blacks, asians, mexicans or any group of immigrants they always behave as tyrants.may be it is unacceptable to them to accept any other community doing gud in their country.And i dont think jamaicans have any gud backing to defend these policies which were doing harm to their business.i view them as one of the victim of American policies.
    But again this question always pop up in my mind if America is so bad and cruel towards other people or countries why in first place we want to come here? may be the answer is-it is the land of opportunities...phew