Thursday, November 5, 2009

our brand is crisis

In the film Our Brand Is Crisis when a leader like Evo Morales or Hogo Chavez oppposed againt U.S policies they are label as is very shocking to know when a person does'nt want to follow U.S policies he is label as anti-americanism but as a leader of particular country he have full right to lead the country with their own policies.In the movie U.S was helping Ghoni to win the election but they were not doing it for free Ghoni was paying them a handsome amount of money for the job and U.S was viewing Ghoni win as their own win because this will allow them to capitalise the country in the name of globalisation.They can do business more freely and have more job then then people of bolivia.Even today their imperial nature is causing conflicts, whether it is latin america or middle east.

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